Who Else Wants To Use A Doctors Note To Play A Joke On Someone?

A Doctors Note is a great way to play a joke on someone. There are many things you can do to make this joke fun for you and a real shock for the other people who the joke is being played on.Imagine the expression and look of shock when you tell your best friend that you have Aquagenic Urticaria. That is you have a hypersensitivity to the ions present in non-distilled water. You can not drink it or take a shower for more than a few seconds or you break out. Show your friend your Doctors Note and tell him or her, they have to buy you beer or wine or whatever it is you drink. Keep in mind, you can’t have water, but can drink anything else.By backing those facts up with a Dr.note, your friends will buy the story hook, line and sinker like a fish on your hook on a spring day. when you fill out the right forms you can have a Dr’s excuse for anything.When you are looking for a note from the doctor, stay away from the free note sites because a free Dr’s note template will not fool anyone. They look fake. Take a few dollars and buy a high quality note. They are worth the price to make the joke work. Go over to this site ejtools.org to learn more.High quality excuses like these can get you out of school or work too. All you do is fill in the template and get the excuses you want. You might want to order a few of them, who knows, you might be sick for awhile right?

Think about it, who questions a Dr’s note? If there are two people in the world who are always right, it is your Mom and the doctor. Having an excuse to show the world is a great way to get people to care and even laugh later if you let them in on the joke.

All joking aside, these notes look so real, they have been passed to jobs and people have gone on week long vacations because of these notes. They are simply amazing quality and very fin to use. You can see a free example on the web site and see the basics of how the notes will look. Keep in mind that the pictures do not do the real product justice.

Regardless of if you want a Dr’s excuse now or in the future, this is a great way to have fun and enjoy being ill for a short time. Why not get yourself an excuse and have some fun? You will be happy that you took the time to do so. Order your notes today because you will be too sick tomorrow. This is also an interesting page.

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